I shot my first boudoir session over 10 years ago and fell in love. Time and experience have only fueled this passion and the outcome is boudoir photography that stands apart and is truly artful.

I love the softness and femininity of boudoir, how very intimate these images are. I love that this is a gift that will be shared with your most cherished friend and partner. I want to give you what will be the most beautiful photographs you have ever had captured of yourself.

Our approach to boudoir is timeless, romantic, and tasteful. I love doing this and that translates into an amazing experience for our clients. You will feel comfortable and most importantly confident by the time we take our third photo (a girl needs a little warm up, after all)! You will look gorgeous, both in body and expression. And of course, you will rock sexy like never before!

You can make your session what ever you want. This time isn't about me, it's about {SHE}. We are crazy committed to your experience and the outcome; stunning imagery.
xox, Sally